REPRO_PL-Polish Mother and Child Cohort-Exposure, Health Status, and Neurobehavioral Assessments in Adolescents-Design and Cohort Update

Int J Environ Res Public Health


Early life is a crucial window of opportunity to improve health across the life course. The prospective cohort study design is the most adequate to evaluate the longitudinal effects of exposure, the notification of changes in the exposure level and evaluation of the simultaneous impact of various exposures, as well as the assessment of several health effects and trajectories throughout childhood and adolescence. This paper provides an overview of the Polish Mother and Child cohort (REPRO_PL), with particular emphasis on Phase IV of this study. REPRO_PL is conducted in central Europe, where such longitudinal studies are less frequently implemented. In this population-based prospective cohort, which was established in 2007, three phases covering pregnancy (I), early childhood (II), and early school age (III) periods have already been completed. Phase IV gives a uniform opportunity to follow-up children during adolescence in order to evaluate if the consequences of prenatal and early postnatal exposures still persist at the age of 14. Moreover, we will be able to investigate the associations between simultaneous exposures to a broad spectrum of environmental factors, adolescents’ health and neurobehavioral outcomes, and their trajectories within life, which is a novel framework of high scientific, public health and clinical priority.